Sunday, 26 February 2017

What makes a school successful?

When schools pop up like frogs in monsoon, it becomes imperative for all the stakeholders of schools to understand 'What makes a school successful?'

Before we get to the crux of the topic, let us first reflect:

Are we preparing our children to face the real world by expecting luxury at schools?
Why do hundreds of articles in recent times complain about pampered,selfish despots being prepared in the air conditioned classrooms of schools, unfit to face any difficulty/reality when they step into the real world?  'So many young adults today are selfish monsters - and we parents are to blame,' says YASMIN ALIBHAI-BROWN

As parents, what is more important to us? Learning or Lavishness? Character or Knowledge? Mastery or Marks?

What makes a school successful ?
Is it the school's fancy infrastructure/ fancy interiors?
Is it just the school's qualified teachers?

Is the culture and learning of a school(good school practices teamed with involved staff and parents) of any importance at all in concluding its success?

Dr Mansoor Durrani(Chairman - Eastern Public School) says "Quality schools are not built on the backs of granite floors, sleek furniture, or Machintosh machines. If they were, then the rich middle-eastern countries would've now produced world class intellectuals. Infrastructure is important, but world-class schools are built on the backs of world class teams(parents,management,staff and learners)!". And I couldn't agree more after visiting and seeing the simple, economical and need-based infrastructure of the Eastern Public School in Bhopal run by a committed, world-class team.

We always have fancy infrastructure/ fancy interiors or qualified teachers as benchmarks on our minds when we think of successful schools. But, is this conclusion wise?
A Study conducted by Azim Premji Foundation of Wipro fame concludes otherwise.
Better infrastructure or better qualified teachers by themselves don’t determine success at schools.
To know how the commitment of teachers and parents can make or break a school and to know what really contributes to the making of a successful school, go through the Azim Premji Foundation Study attached below.

What makes a school successful? A Study by Azim Premji Foundation

Happy reading and  reflecting! 


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